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The best of both worlds.


For sale by you and my brokerage services, the best of both worlds !

The formula that attracts 100% of buyers

It is well known, the more buyers we attract, the more we increase our chances of selling quickly.

By offering buyers the possibility to transact directly either with the owner (30% of real estate sales) or with the broker (70% of real estate sales)*, Proprio Direct remains the only major real estate agency in Quebec able to reach that reaches 100% of buyers. As a seller, you benefit from the best of both worlds, as well as from impeccable service throughout the process, even when it’s you that finds the buyer yourself!

* Source Centris


Commission from only 2% *

Do you like the idea of ​​saving on the commission?

Proprio Direct stands out with its unique offer that allows you to sell on your own, all while enjoying the services of a broker from the beginning to the end of the transaction and benefiting from having a favorable commission rate. Proprio Direct offers some of the most competitive commission rates on the real estate market. So, why choose when you can have it all!

* When you find the buyer. Minimum commission of $ 2000 plus taxes.

Exclusif marketing programs

Benefit from the efficiency of our proven, and industry-leading, marketing programs.


Your property showcased FOR FREE wherever buyers are searching.

The more it's seen, the faster it's sold!

Our Visibili-T program allows you to display your property FREE OF CHARGE on the most popular real estate websites including Centris and Realtor (MLS), while retaining the privilege of selling directly. With more than 100 national and international websites, portals and social media outlets, our inventory of properties for sale is seen by more than one million potential buyers each month.

Make the most of it !


A comprehensive report on the activity surrounding the sale of your property.

With just a single click obtain a clear and complete portrait of all the activity surrounding the sale of your property. See the number of visits your property generates on various real estate sites. View the latest market data. Access your brokers’ activity log.


Team up with your broker and benefit from a reduced commission rate starting

at only 2%.

For sale by owners…with their broker. Benefit from the best of both worlds thanks to our Complici-T program which allows you to find the buyer yourself and benefit from a reduced commission rate starting at only 2%*, while still profiting from the services of your broker from the beginning up until the end of the transaction. And how to better take advantage of the Complici-TTM program by maximizing your chances of selling direct only 2% than by organizing free self-guided tours on Sunday afternoon?


Nothing to pay before having sold!

An offer with full transparency : No registration fee or extra options to pay for!

Should you sell it yourself or with a broker? Why not do both? This is what the majority of sellers want nowadays today and that is exactly what Proprio Direct's offer is based on. With Proprio Direct there are no incidentals or gimmicks. The seller does not have to pay for any registration fees or other options. The broker makes his best effort to sell your property, otherwise he does not get paid!


Why team up with me?

  • I take care of everything ... even when it’s you that finds the buyer.

  • I reach more buyers by collaborating with other brokers.

  • I am a sales professional!

  • I offer you strong protections.

  • I work with the best housing experts.

  • I can relocate you for free!


Our service guarantee, for a transaction to your satisfaction.

The Quali-T program perfectly expresses Proprio Direct's way of offering value and a top-notch experience to customers. Beyond just words, our commitment is to deliver great service throughout the transaction.

Compare with DuProprio

Choosing Proprio Direct means placing the odds in your favor of selling your property and saving

a lot of money.

Proprio Direct

For sale by owners AND their brokers.

✅ The formula that attracts 100% buyers.

✅ Access to Centris and Realtor (MLS) networks = More visibility.

✅ It's SOLD or it's FREE!

✅ Protection against risks and fraud.

✅ After-sale relocation services at no extra cost.


Sell all alone.

DuProprio does not deal with buyers. question mark.

No network to boost your visits and no collaboration between sellers.

Fees could exceed $ 1,000 upon registration without any guarantee of selling.

No protection, the transaction is at your own risk. question mark.

No alter-sale services.


Get AIR MILES® Reward Miles

Benefit from the fact that Proprio Direct is the only real estate agency in Quebec that can offer you AIR MILES® reward Miles to earn even more quickly.

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