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Advice and tips

to sell your property

It’s true that selling a property can be time-consuming, but there are a few tricks that make the process easier. Here are some pointers that can be helpful for homeowners:


A good first impression:

In real estate, buyers are either interested in a home after their first visit or they are not. It is therefore essential to maximize your odds by showing your residence to its best advantage.


A fair price:

Owners have a tendency to overestimate the value of their property in the hopes of increasing their profits, but an unrealistic value assessment will actually drive away potential buyers.


A thorough cleaning:

This might seem obvious, but it’s a step that’s often forgotten. When things are left lying around, they become easy to overlook. A thorough cleaning, without forgetting to tidy both inside and out, will give you just another advantage when trying to sell your home. Also make sure to eliminate any unpleasant odours (cigarette smoke, animals, cooking smells, etc.).


Small fixes for a better price:

Details such as a burnt-out lightbulb, damaged floor or dripping tap can leave a negative impression of your property. A few DIY fixes can help you get a better price!

Pay attention to the entry:

Did you know that love at first sight happens in the first 90 seconds? It’s important that the spaces near the entry look good. The front yard should also be maintained, making sure that hedges and shrubs are trimmed.

Uncluttered spaces:

Too many pieces of furniture or decorations will make rooms appear smaller. Simply rearranging furniture and removing unnecessary articles can completely change the aambiance of a room. You might need to remove an imposing armoire, for example, to maximize space.

Create a harmonious ambiance:

There’s no better way to steal your buyers’ heart than to create a feeling of harmony in your home. To do this, spruce up the decor, light a few lamps, and repaint the walls and ceiling if necessary. Select cool colors to make rooms feel larger and more stylish. The aim is to appeal to the largest proportion of people who come to view your home.

Trust me to represent you:

I understand the needs and expectations of potential buyers. Let me negotiate with clients in your name.

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