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Thinking Differently.


Why choose TOBY RINALDONI for your real estate brokerage needs?


Rest easy during your real estate transactions knowing that I am fully invested in providing you with guidance and advice, making sure your needs are met and ensuring that every detail of the purchase or sale of your property has been taken care of—even once the transaction is complete. There are many benefits to having my brokerage services on your side:


  • Honest, trustworthy professional

  • Added value through our unique take on the

       turnkey approach

  • My commitment to making you the number one priority

  • Personalized and professional representation

  • An approach to negotiation and other services that is designed to work for you

  • Seven-day-a-week availability


My main priority is to support you by applying my experience and expertise and offering you personalized service to save you time and money. I am highly dedicated to my clients and always have their interests in mind during a real estate transaction.


Maximize your chances of success during your next real estate transaction by trusting me to negotiate the best conditions and price!



What is Real Estate Concierge services?

A standard real estate agent will be able to deal with the run of the mill scheduling of property showings, making recommendations, and will have decent interpersonal and customer service skills. This real estate agent you will forget almost immediately after you've met them.

My real estate concierge services is intended yo make your life easy.  From recommending great neighborhoods based on lifestyle, family, or investment goals, to addressing your deepest fears when it comes to home ownership. My real estate concierge services is to become your best partner; from always being able to answer any question no matter how obscure, to referring a trusted handy-man when a door needsfixing. “I can't” or “I don't know” are not words I will use in any professional capacity. My goal is to make you feel like you're family, and when you're ready to make the biggest purchase of your life you'll know that you are not alone.

A standard real estate agent has only the sale in mind with an ”always be closing” mentality. My real estate concierge services places the client's needs above all else.


These are some of the things a standard real estate agent can do for you:

  • Recommend a few properties that fit the basic criteria of location, budget, and number of bedrooms.

  • Book a showing for you based on what he thinks would satisfy.

  • Try his/her best to find what's available on the local MLS.

  • Respond to messages, calls and/or e-mails when time allows.

Compare this to what my real estate concierge services can do for you:

  • I will be your personal shopper for real estate and I identify in advance the best properties for you.  

  • I will assess the actual carrying cost before you invest in your next property.

  • Discuss what type of schools, parks and shops you prefer when recommending a neighborhood.

  • Will show you reports on crime, demographics, and historical sales in the communities you are considering living in.

  • Will leave no stone unturned, will not take 'no' for an answer, will use every contact, friend and resource at their disposal to find that perfect home just for you.

  • Make myself available at all times and respond to any request or enquiry as soon as possible.My job of being a real estate concierge is to always appear available even when this may not in fact be the case.

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