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Free Property Evaluation


How can you be sure to get the best price for your property? You will need a market value estimate for your home and make a property evaluation. This service is provided free of charge. After a visit to your property, I will analyze its value by considering the following criteria:

  • The current state of the real estate market. Is it a buyer’s, seller’s or balanced market?

  • The selling price for similar properties that have recently sold in your area—this often corresponds to what potential buyers are willing to pay

  • The market value since the property was purchased, taking into account any renovations you’ve performed

  • The municipal assessment

  • The physical characteristics of your property (location, size of the building and grounds, style, condition, nearby services)

I will then provide you with a detailed analysis of the market value of your property, including data tables to help you understand the value, establish an asking price and estimate the net profits. Setting a fair price is a key factor in successfully selling your home.

The benefits of a fair price

Your property will have better chances of selling quickly, because it will be shown to a larger number of qualified buyers looking for a home that suits their budget. Your property will look just as attractive, because its market value corresponds to the expectations of potential buyers. The closer the asking price is to the market value, the higher the offers will be. A property with a fair asking price may even receive competing offers. Brokers will enthusiastically present your property to their clients.

To establish the market value of your home, feel free to contact me or complete the evaluation form available online. Once you’ve filled it out the Free Home Property Evaluation form, simply click “Submit” and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Get an accurate estimate of the market value of your property for free!  Click here

Thank you for submitting your request. If you need urgent support, we invite you to contact us by phone at 514.777.6390 or by email at .

Thank you for your confidence.

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