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Is the market value of your property fair?

You don't want to overestimate the price of the property, as you'll lose curb appeal after the first two to three weeks of visiting. Demand and interest decline after about 21 days. You will need a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) in order to be as close to value as possible. Toby Rinaldoni is able to assist you with that process.

There are many factors that contribute to a home's fair market value, including ownership, land on which it sits, surrounding properties and recently sold homes. Using all of the above methods to calculate an average value would give you the most accurate fair market value for your home. Toby Rinaldoni : the free estimate service for your home! It is essential to know exactly the true value of the property that you want to acquire or that you want to sell. Since house prices are characterized by high volatility, it is necessary to be able to estimate the real value of a house before proceeding with a sale or purchase transaction. Our free service guarantees you an accurate valuation of your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Toby Rinaldoni has a benchmarking system based on fluctuations in the real estate market to ensure an accurate and professional property valuation.

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