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Dear customers,

I would like to inform you about the measures I put into action in order to respect the needs of each of my customers while ensuring the health and security offered during my interactions with my customers.


In the event that a meeting is scheduled, I execute and I apply the following series of safety rules:

  • I strengthen all the strict health and safety rules in accordance with those recommended by the authorities (I avoid handshakes, I keep a minimum distance of one meter, I do not touch any object during a visit , I clean before and after the door handles, etc.)

  • I restrict meetings to the minimum number of people


And finally, when I interact with my clientele, they must answer negatively the two following questions:

  • Have you traveled outside of Canada in the past two weeks?

  • Have you had or have you had flu-related symptoms (fever, cough, breathing difficulties) in the past two weeks, or have you been in contact with someone with these symptoms?

We know that times are tough and the climate is tending to fear. The Covid-19 is a tangible threat that will put us to the test. But by dint of patience and collaboration, we will get through this difficult period. Until the situation is resolved, you can count on the prevention and good faith of my services to slow the contagion of Covid-19.






 Toby Rinaldoni


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